We all experience good days and bad days, great days, normal days, overwhelming days and perfect days or trying days, supermum days to testing days and just being a mum days. 

It takes a whole lot of patience, love, realism, strength, smiles, warmth, tears and tantrums to be a mum warrior. 

So when you feel like your having a bad day, or feel like your just not doing enough or good enough days, please note your doing a fantastic job regardless. 


Published by Mothering Silence

A late twenty-something mother of two boys and a profoundly deaf diva of almighty sass. In between splitting spontaneous sibling wars, curiatimg pillow forts and channeling inner superheroes. Mothering Silence documents a brutally honest truth of the trials and tribulations of motherhood. (The toughest hood.) Here you'll find the weekly ramblings of the rollercoaster life of my journey in motherhood. *Please note my style of writing is tongue in cheek.

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