Since becoming a mother, I have found myself really supporting local, family run bespoke businesses.

I have always struggled to find headbands and wraps for Alivia-Ellen. Not only is she small for a near 3 year old, the bands aimed at her age often irritate her and pushes her hearing aids off her ears. Which then cause a lot of whistling feedback. Shop brought bands for her size head are quite thin and not as glamorous as the bands designed for a 3 year old. But being a little diva, she adores dress up and wearing accessories. So I was thrilled to come across MINI BEAU.

Lizanna, whom is mum to 4 girls, completely understood my request and really helped to cater Alivia’s hearing aids in the measurements and design of the band. Not only is she extremely approachable, kind and enthusiastic. She showed a lot of compassion towards helping a little girl, feel like all the other little girls.

MINI BEAU’ offers a beautiful range of bows, head bands, head wraps and co-ord skirts and bow. The products have a great sense of love and very thoughtfully packaged and protected to ensure your purchase reaches you beautifully.

I can honestly say I admire this woman, I cannot imagine how hard it is to combine mothering and also running a business from home, I guess a huge check list of jobs goes on daily, I have a daily check list just for me and the troops to get from one day to the other never mind running a successful busy business!

If there is ever a product you would like and personalised a little different to what’s advertised, Lizanna’s customer service skills are second to non, I have gone on to request a head wrap in different fabric and designs and she never fails to deliver a high quality print in her products.

If your looking for a special something for a little girl, I cannot recommend this bespoke home run company enough.

Thankyou so much Lizanna, for making my little girl feel beautiful in her bow just like her friends.

Published by Mothering Silence

A late twenty-something mother of two boys and a profoundly deaf diva of almighty sass. In between splitting spontaneous sibling wars, curiatimg pillow forts and channeling inner superheroes. Mothering Silence documents a brutally honest truth of the trials and tribulations of motherhood. (The toughest hood.) Here you'll find the weekly ramblings of the rollercoaster life of my journey in motherhood. *Please note my style of writing is tongue in cheek.

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