Deaf Awareness Week – Sign language and communication.

Basic signs during early years can really help minimise frustrated behaviours for a deaf/hardofhearing child.

Whilst I am yet to find a workshop to be able to participate in, I have found some fantastically illustrated books by Baby Signing, these books have also been reviewed by NDCS. The signs are compatible with those used in Makaton. This is different to signs used in BSL, the purpose of Makaton is to support speech. BSL is it’s own language with a structure of grammar, you will use hand signs as well as body language, facial expressions along with lip patterns.

As part of Deaf Awareness Week, my aim is to encourage anyone into learning a sign. One small gesture to a non hearing person could ultimately mean the world to them. Remember, a small act of kindness is never wasted.

BSL and Makaton is not accessible for majority of the families and come at a heavily funded price. Small workshops are available but for a family to communicate with their child, this needs funding longer than a once a week, workshop for 4 weeks. They need continued support, to help not only the child but the family too in order to be able to communicate effectively, more funding needs to be added and not being cut or reduced by the government.

Here, are Livys most favourite and recognised signs from her books.

Eating and drinking – these are the signs Livy recognises well and uses them in everyday life at home as well as nursery.

Animals – these are her most favourite and well used signs, she will show a great deal of interest and focus on this page. She really knows what they mean and can match the sign to her Rabbit soft toy.

Here is Livy signing cat.

Basic everyday signs.

Livy signs stop really well and uses it in the right context too! She demonstrates clear understanding of the sign and uses this at nursery too!

I love you.

This is still a work in progress for Livy. But it’s a rather important sign to know for family and friends. Remember repetition is the most important part of a deaf child’s learning.

Mum and Dad.

This is Livys way of signing teddy bear. It’s nearly there.

These are my most treasured favourite memories of Livy.

Why not set yourself a task and spell your name through British finger spelling?

You can find more information on signs through:

The books can be found on Amazon:

I would like to state I do not own the illustrations or own any copyright of the material, I am simply sharing to raise awareness and educational purposes.

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