Embracing the flaws of what’s left after child birth, is ultimately a challenge most Mothers admit defeat to.
Learning to accept the remains of loose skin that accommodated growth of our precious bundles. To find comfort in the scar of our csections which delivered a baby safely. The imperfections which caress our skin where our baby had once pressed against from the inside. Boobs slightly deflated from nurturing our newborns.
Yes the extra pounds of weight will eventually disappear, much like the pounds we willingly give over secretly sobbing of hope that the creams and oils will erase the left over tell tale signs and be a distant memory. But the marks left upon our skin will stay, the journey of self love is a long hard road to conquer. With a insta perfect society we currently live in, we are somewhat discarded and no longer admired.
Because your skin has torn and produced tiny kisses across your body as a gentle reminder of the battle we endured, pregnancy.

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