Cochlear Implant Assessment pt 2

We have N e w s for you!!

Today we attended Addenbrookes, for the final stage of the Cochlear Implant Assessment process.

After 3 variations of hearing tests, firstly a Tympanometry is performed to see how flexible the ear drum is, this was good. Then Livy had a Bone Conduction test, a small device is placed just behind the ear and secured with a cotton band, the device passes sound directly to the inner ear through the bones in livy’s head, which can help identify which part of the ear isn’t working. Livy did not respond to the sounds played, but she responded to the vibrations. Lastly, she had a Visual and Play audiometry.

Livy’s level of loss was a lot less, and to be sure the audiologists had the correct readings she gave a rather defiant Livy a break before continuing the same test again for a more accurate result.

Livy’s speech rehabilitation therapist was present and completed a functionality test. In typical Livy style she was resilient, stubborn yet comical with her gestures and faces. She wasn’t making it easy for professionals.

However, we are delighted to inform you all…


Livy’s case will be taken to Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting (MDT), they will then make a recommendation as to whether a cochlear implant is suitable for Livy, this takes in consideration her levels of hearing loss, functionality and lifestyle with her hearing aids and the result of what the MRI shows, this is to ensure she is compatible for surgery and what malfunction is responsible for her hearing loss type.

If compatible for the implantation, we will then meet the surgeon and the pre-op assessment begins.

We’re not out of the woods, yet. But this is extremely positive for Livy!

Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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