Child Led Play.

To learn and develop through play is incredibly valuable for children, and it’s no different for those with special needs.

Since Livy’s Cochlear Implant surgery, and going through the speech and language rehabilitation that comes after, I’ve come to realise that through play, it can in fact support the specific difficulties a child might have.

Like Livy who has a duel sensory impairment due to hearing and visual loss, play can help strengthen her other senses which in turn will help her navigate and explore the world.

Livy has been enjoying exploring this brilliant multi use Wooden And Counting Play set. We have used this for encouraging independence in counting. She has enjoyed signing and sounding out the colours of the shapes and the coloured counters are helping her understand number values in a different format to just seeing the number. Under the shapes are beautiful bright, coloured illustrations that spark curiosity into what they are, which helps towards working on Livy’s preferred method of communication; total communication approach’ which is use of speech, sign and symbols.

‘Educational, colourful and beautifully crafted from premium wood, our shape-sorting and counting playset will give your little one hours of entertainment. Sorting puzzles can really help the development of creativity and logical thinking in children, and the selection of rings, shape and number blocks on a sturdy, robust base will help promote hand-eye coordination, stimulate sensory development, and cultivate shape and colour recognition, all whilst having fun.’

It’s important to remember to focus on what your child’s strengths are, rather then focus on what they cannot. I try to remember although livy has special needs, and may need a little support, but to ensure she has the freedom to decide what to play and how to go about it.

Child led is best in Livy’s case, what do you your children enjoy?

The benefits of sensory play for children with special needs:

Cognitive development: understanding how things work, comparing the characteristics of different materials

Social skills: Children can watch how others play, copy and share ideas

Self-awareness: Children learn what materials they like and don’t like, increasing their understanding of themselves

Physical development: Sensory activities can be a good workout for the small muscles in their hands and fingers (known as fine motor control)

Emotional development: Play can be a good release for energy or stress, and means children can also express positive feelings

Communication skills: Whatever their level of language development, children can express their reactions to the materials, e.g. showing excitement at splashing water, or surprise when they experience something new.


Product features:

  • No assembly required – Your playset will arrive ready to go, so your little one can start playing straight away. The set comes with 1 sorting board, 55 rings, 10 number blocks, 10 shape blocks and 10 stacker rods. The perfectly-sized pieces have been lovingly designed for little hands, ready for hours of play.
  • Quality wooden construction – Crafted from premium natural wood in bright, modern and engaging colours, our high-quality construction ensures durability to withstand energetic play – whether in your home, or out and about.
  • Education, learning and skill development – Fascinating continuous motion for plenty of dynamic playtime; stimulating sensory development, encouraging hand-eye coordination, and promoting colour, number and shape recognition.
  • Great gift – Perfect as an educational and learning toy for both boys and girls, and suitable for a wide age group, our playset is easy to transport and makes a great birthday or Christmas gift.
  • Child-safe – Our playset has been designed to enrich your child’s skills in the safest possible way. CE tested, made using non-toxic paint, and a smooth-edged design makes it safe to play with – day after day.

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