Purple Tuesday

You can almost feel the buzz of anticipation and excitement in the air, jolly festive music plays in the background, cheerful chatter amongst fellow shoppers fills the store, the gentle hum of the air conditioning units and persistent bleeps of the scanners. My palms feel sticky, I dread conversation, avoiding eye contact at all cost,Continue reading “Purple Tuesday”


Whether the weather forecast predicts thundering rain or scorching shine, there is nothing stopping this trio of mine. With a backpack full of snacks and raincoats, suncream or woolly hats. We’re ready to explore the wonderfully wet woodlands, stomp along the crunchy colourful leafs under our trusty patterned wellies and paddle in the cool flowingContinue reading “RoamingTheOutdoors.”


Sunday. A day usually associated for family time, long country walks and a satisfying smell of a chicken roasting that fills the air, setting our taste buds tingling from anticipation, which leads to the repeated question of ‘Is dinner ready yet?’ What could be more peaceful and bring a feeling of content sitting in theContinue reading “WALKSBOATSANDICECREAM”