Deaf Awareness Week – Sign language and communication. Basic signs during early years can really help minimise frustrated behaviours for a deaf/hardofhearing child. Whilst I am yet to find a workshop to be able to participate in, I have found some fantastically illustrated books by Baby Signing, these books have also been reviewed by NDCS.Continue reading “SIGN&COMMUNICATION”


I hope I inspire hearing people through the writing of my blog. Without educating and raising awareness circulating around deafness and the abilities, hearing people, you have the ability to remove all preventative barriers that deaf people face from achieving their dreams. Hearing is no barrier, it’s a common assumption. With a little knowledge, patienceContinue reading “STRONGERTOGETHER”


Mother’s Day Inspiration At Joules. Mother’s Day has finally approached us, a day dedicated to show appreciation, gratitude and most commonly known as honouring the influence of mothers in society. Since stepping into the unknown world of motherhood, holding the title of mummy for 4 years to three, ambitiously individually crazy little humans, I’ve foundContinue reading “MOTHERSDAYOUTFITINSPO”


For as long as I can remember there was something about the great outdoors I connected with. As the cool autumn breeze delicately brushed against my rosy cheeks during a Sunday morning trot through the fields. Wellies paddling in shallow waters watching my children’s smiles radiate upon my own. Those Sunday country walks, energising andContinue reading “JOULESMAKINGMEMORIES”


Friendships and Motherhood. Life before becoming a professional bum changer to a champion wiggler that’s more slippery than the average fish trying to escape the clasp of a fisherman’s hands, I have found that once you’ve upgraded your life to motherhood every breath you take will be child-consumed. The last four years of motherhood IContinue reading “FRIENDSHIPSANDMOTHERHOOD”