Child Led Play.

To learn and develop through play is incredibly valuable for children, and it’s no different for those with special needs. Since Livy’s Cochlear Implant surgery, and going through the speech and language rehabilitation that comes after, I’ve come to realise that through play, it can in fact support the specific difficulties a child might have.Continue reading “Child Led Play.”

A decision we made, for you.

Your hand sways in perfect rhythm in mine. The warmth of the July breeze was a gentle reminder to wake up from my anxious pondering thoughts. I looked down at your white blonde curls, bouncing with every step you took. You’re blissfully unaware. Your Dad looked tense as were about to make a big decisionContinue reading “A decision we made, for you.”

NeuroDevelopmental Journey

There’s been a lot happening for this little one. Livy has completed a gruelling disimpaction programme, a psychologist assessment, cochlear audiology and speech and language rehabilitation therapy appointment. Yet, here she is being her best authentic happy self. But that’s not to say she’s not had her days where she’s emotionally and mentally drained fromContinue reading “NeuroDevelopmental Journey”

Vitamin Sea.

I think it’s easy to forget just how intense hospital appointments, examinations or assessments can be for young children. White daunting clinical rooms, medical professionals look barely recognisable due to COVID19 PPE, the once smiley welcoming faces are covered by blue masks. The buzz and hustle of the hospital corridors, patients whizz past wheeled inContinue reading “Vitamin Sea.”