Vitamin Sea.

I think it’s easy to forget just how intense hospital appointments, examinations or assessments can be for young children. White daunting clinical rooms, medical professionals look barely recognisable due to COVID19 PPE, the once smiley welcoming faces are covered by blue masks. The buzz and hustle of the hospital corridors, patients whizz past wheeled inContinue reading “Vitamin Sea.”

Cochlear Implant Assessment pt 2

We have N e w s for you!! Today we attended Addenbrookes, for the final stage of the Cochlear Implant Assessment process. After 3 variations of hearing tests, firstly a Tympanometry is performed to see how flexible the ear drum is, this was good. Then Livy had a Bone Conduction test, a small device isContinue reading “Cochlear Implant Assessment pt 2”

Trials & Tribulations of a EHCP.

“ I have been wondering about 3 words you might use to describe A and things you admire about A” – Educational psychologist. This chapter explores the depths of the trials and tribulations of getting our daughter, livy a EHC Plan. Due to Livy’s extremely rare genetic syndrome and complex needs, as parents we feelContinue reading “Trials & Tribulations of a EHCP.”