Cochlear Implant Assessment pt 2

We have N e w s for you!! Today we attended Addenbrookes, for the final stage of the Cochlear Implant Assessment process. After 3 variations of hearing tests, firstly a Tympanometry is performed to see how flexible the ear drum is, this was good. Then Livy had a Bone Conduction test, a small device isContinue reading “Cochlear Implant Assessment pt 2”

Trials & Tribulations of a EHCP.

“ I have been wondering about 3 words you might use to describe A and things you admire about A” – Educational psychologist. This chapter explores the depths of the trials and tribulations of getting our daughter, livy a EHC Plan. Due to Livy’s extremely rare genetic syndrome and complex needs, as parents we feelContinue reading “Trials & Tribulations of a EHCP.”

Cochlear Journey Begins.

Two BunBuns in hand and her backpack in the other, our confident, yet defiant daughter made her way to the car. Naturally, with such little awareness or understanding of where she was going. We made the short 55 minute journey to Cambridge, Addenbrooke’s Hospital. 4 years since Livy failed the newborn hearing screening, which pursuedContinue reading “Cochlear Journey Begins.”


Almost instantly you’re greeted with the comforting familiar aroma of the sea salted breeze. An essence you feel the need to inhale your lungs worth. As the rainstorm battered against our coats, putting our trusted wellies to the test. There was physically nothing that could, ironically, dampen our spirits. Since before lockdown we regularly visitedContinue reading “SandyAdventures.”


It’s that time of the year, when you find yourself aimlessly searching sites at ridiculous o’clock in bed for that perfect gift. Whether this is for dad, grandad, step dad here at Mothering Silence we’ve got your needs covered. All under one roof (website)! The First Time Dad How adorably cute is this ‘Jellycat’ teddyContinue reading “Father’sDayEditWithJoules.”